All technical information about the halls and locations of Theater aan het Vrijthof can be found here.

Theater aan het Vrijthof

Papyruszaal Theater aan het Vrijthof

Light plan Papyruszaal
Present light Papyruszaal
Cross-section drawing Papyruszaal
CAD drawing Papyruszaal
Plan drawing Papyruszaal
Seat plan Papyruszaal
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Bovenzaal Theater aan het Vrijthof

Floor plan & cross-section bovenzaal
Present light bovenzaal
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Panorama photo's 360°

Fly loft

Ground floor
First floor

Loading dock
The loading and unloading place for decor cars is on the Statenstraat on the side of the theater.

Technical lists

Inspecient list
Drawing list

Contact Theater Technics

For more information about the theater technics, please contact the technical department via +31 43 350 55 30 or mail.