frequently asked questions

Do you have a question that is not part of these 'frequently asked questions'? No problem! For other questions you can contact the UITbalie via +31 43 350 55 55 or via [email protected]

Can I choose my seats? 
Seats cannot be selected at each location. If you click on 'buy tickets' on the presentation page, there will be a room plan for glazed performances where you can then click on the desired places. Performances at locations such as the Sint Janskerk, Cellebroederskapel and Kumulus are not covered. With these performances, you can only select the number of seats.

How do I order wheel chair seats? 
Wheelchair seats can only be reserved by telephone. All rooms and locations, with the exception of the Keizerzaal in the Sint Servaas Basilica, are wheelchair accessible. The attendant can accompany the wheelchair visitor for free when showing the attendant card.

I want to buy both cards for adults and for children, how is that possible?
When you click on 'buy tickets' at the show page, you can then select your places. After selecting your places, you can indicate the desired price type per ticket. For the non-glazed locations you can indicate how many tickets you want for the normal price and how many tickets you want for the children's price.

I forgot to select children's price. What do I do?
As long as you didn't complete the purchase, you can adjust the price type in your shopping basket at 'price type'.

If you already completed your purchase, you can not adjust it anymore. You purchased the tickets directly; they're already processed in our cash system. In this case you can contact the UITbalie (ticket desk) to rebook the tickets to another price type. 

How do I pay my online purchase?
You can pay by iDEAL, Podium Cadeaukaart or creditcard.

Can I use a Podium Cadeaukaart/ Theater coupon with an online purchase?
The Podium Cadeaukaart you can use online with the codes on the backside of the card. Paper theater coupons can only be used at the UITbalie (ticket desk) of the theater.

How can I cash my Podium Cadeaukaart online? 
At payment methods you can select 'Podium Cadeaukaart'. Then you'll be asked 2 codes: the card number and the security code. The first one is clearly written on the backside of the card, the other one is hidden behind a grey scratch area. When you need to pay an extra amount, you can do this with iDEAL or creditcard. 

How do I receive my purchased tickets?
This depends on the delivery method you select at 'Delivery method Details'.

If you choose e-tickets, you receive the tickets immediately in you mail in pdf-size.  You don't pay transaction costs for e-tickets. if you choose for delivery method mail, you receive the tickets by mail at home. In this case we will charge a one-off €3 transaction fee (regardless of the number of places). You receive the tickets within 8 working days. If the booking with 'delivery method mail' happens within 8 days before the performance date, we don't send you the tickets, but keep them at the theater. Then you can pick them up at the UITbalie (ticket desk).

I have lost/forgotten my ticket(s). What now? 
If you have lost or forgotten your ticket(s), you can contact the UITbalie via 043 350 55 55 or [email protected] We will then provide you with duplicate cards.

I already have an account, at which moment while booking new tickets do I have to log in? 
If you have chosen your tickets and continue to 'pay', you get the opportunity to log in. Your info will become visible after logging in. 

The payment by credit card does not work. What should I do now? 
Check the information you have to enter on the website. This includes the name on the credit card, the card number, the expiration date of the credit card and the CVC code (the last three digits on the back of your credit card). If it still does not work, please contact the UITbalie via telephone number 043 350 55 55. The details you enter for a payment by credit card will not be saved and will only be used for this payment.

When will the money be transfered from my account? 
When you pay by credit card, the amount of the purchase will be transfered from your account as you hacve agreed to with you bank. With iDEAL, the amount will be transfered from your account almost immediately.

Can I exchange or return my tickets? 
Purchased tickets can be exchanged free of charge for another performance. This can be done by telephone or at the UITbalie, up to 24 hours before the start of the performance.

Tickets can also be returned, but administration costs of € 6,- per ticket are attached (with a maximum of € 24,-).

Tickets for performances with a bus trip can be exchanged or returned up to one month before the date of the show.

Where do I order a serial subscription for philharmonie zuidnederland?
You find the series of philharmonie zuidnederland here.

I'm under the age of 30 and would like to buy last-minute tickets.
Everybody who is under the age of 30 can buy tickets for € 10 each, 48 hours before a (not sold out) performance. These are only available at the UITbalie (ticket desk) after showing a valid proof of identity. It's not possible to make a reservation. The tickets are sold from the moment the UITbalie opens at 12.00 am. On locations this applies one hour before the start of the performance. 

Are there special children's prices and what is the age limit? 
For youth and family performances we use a children's price for children up to and including 14 years of age. This price varies per performance.

Why do I have to leave my address details?
We ask for your address details for two reasons. First of all, we can reach you if there are changes to your booked show. In addition, we can always find out if you are the rightful owner of the cards, if you have lost them.

How do I become friend/subscriber?
You automatically become a friend / subscriber if you book 4 or more performances per season. Read more about theater subscriptions here.​​​​​

I have a question that is not part of these 'frequently asked questions'. 
No problem! For other questions you can contact the UITbalie via 043 350 55 55 or via [email protected]