Die Goldenen Zwanziger

Fenna Ograjensek (sopraan) en Robert Weirauch (piano)

Fenna Ograjensek en Robert Weihrauch_V2.png

Soprano Fenna Ograjensek and pianist Robert Weirauch take you back to Die Goldenen Zwanziger, a period of unprecedented artistic flowering and innovation in art, dance, fashion, film and theatre. But also a period full of poverty, hunger and misery. How do the 1920s compare with today? Despite all the progress, the dream of a better world remains poignantly topical. 

Experience Die Goldenen Zwanziger with, amongst others, melodious Korngold, romantic Schoenberg, German film music from the 1920s (Marlène Dietrich), the first schlagers and the Charleston, which blew over from the US!

This concert is part of the series de Zondagklassiekers.

Sun 12 May 2024
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Price € 17.50
Classical - Vocal
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Incl. coffee and vlaai (pie)