Blind Spot (stadswandeling)

Jelena Kostic

Jelena Kostic - Blind Spot

In a world where we are surrounded by stimuli, we often close off our senses. In Blind Spot: Maastricht choreographer Jelena Kostić makes visible and tangible what is right in front of us. In a theatrical walk full of contrasts, the urban environment and dance come together to open our eyes to new perspectives. 

With headphones on, the audience takes a walk through the raw Sphinx Quarter, ending at the Misericordeplein in the Statenkwartier. In various choreographies, Jelena plays with our ideas and expectations of space and our surroundings.

After the success of Blind Spot: Tilburg in the summer of 2021, choreographer Jelena Kostić creates an entirely new experience for Maastricht, especially for Nederlandse Dansdagen. With a dance language strongly influenced by freerunning and the raw industrial environment of the Sphinx Quarter, Jelena shows the city from a new perspective. 

30 Minutes prior to the walk, you will receive a free cup of coffee at the Blanche Dael Branderij.

About Jelena Kostić
Jelena Kostić (Belgrado, 1976) uses the power of choreography in dance, film and theatre. Her mission is to use different media to tell true stories about the life choices we make today. Jelena is known for her visually and physically powerful style that delves deep into the courage and fallibility of human beings. With every movement she creates, she questions our views on success, happiness and fear. 



Blind Spot (city walk) is made possible by:
Stimuleringsfonds Architectuur
Gemeente Tilburg
Fonds Podiumkunsten

Special thanks to:
Bureau Europa
Nederlandse Dansdagen 

Choreography and artistic direction Jelena Kostić
Dancers and performers Noëmi Wagner, Isabelle Nelson, Tijmen Teunissen, Josien Hennen
Repetitor Judit Ruiz Onandi 
TEXTS Laura Roling
Dramaturgy and artistic advice Lou Cope
Composer Dyane Donck
Costumes Rens de Waal
PRODUCTION Danielle Pater

PHOTOGRAPHY Lonneke van der Palen