Charlotte Goesaert, Vlad Detiuchenko, Olympia Kotopoulos & Veerle Van Overloop

Presentatie: Virtual Residencies

Charlotte Goesaert, Vlad Detiuchenko, Olympia Kotopoulos & Veerle Van Overloop

Presentatie: Virtual Residencies

During the Nederlandse Dansdagen you will experience dance live on the stages in Maastricht and online from Maastricht. Three new Virtual Residencies will be shown online.

The following makers have been selected for this edition:
• Charlotte Goesaert (DansBrabant)
• Vlad Detiuchenko (Korzo)
• Olympia Kotopoulos & Veerle Van Overloop (Moving Futures)

For the selection of the makers, the Nederlandse Dansdagen works together with three organizations that jointly cover a large part of talent development in dance, namely Moving Futures, Korzo and PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant.

The Virtual Residencies will not only premiere online, but also live (on screen). After watching the online premieres, visitors will be able to engage with the makers.

The Virtual Residencies can be viewed online, on demand, from September 30, 11:00 AM. At the same time you can attend the live presentation, in the presence of the makers.

Nederlandse Dansdagen - Virtual Residencies Nederlandse Dansdagen - Virtual Residencies
Virtual Residencies
Sat 30 Sept 2023
Other locations :
De Ruimte SNS Maastricht
11:00 - 12:30
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Free access, reservation required


Introducing the makers

Charlotte Goesaert (DansBrabant) has been one of the core makers at DansBrabant since this year. Her show Whatchamacallit is currently touring the Netherlands and Belgium (and a bit of Germany).

In April, Charlotte started her research into an 'artistic documentary': a filmed account of a legal process following someone who, after a long wait, has decided to bring a past abuse experience to justice. Title: The Whole Shebang.

During her Virtual Residency she will investigate how you can bring a documentary with such a subject closer and physically experience it? How do you give a role to the imagination? Which possible perspectives work best? Which shape choices can be made?

Vlad Detiuchenko (Korzo) is a Ukranian dancer and choreographer. After February 24th, the start of a full-scale Russian invasion, the lives of all Ukrainians have changed. The war affected all aspects of Ukrainian dancers' lives, life values, perception of oneself, society, opinion about dance and art. 

Vlad chose to make an art documentary film about Kateryna Kurman and Volodymyr Marchuk. They are both professional dancers and a beautiful couple from Ukraine. They live and dance together in Kyiv.

This film is based on their life, their emotions, experience and daily routine of a couple who continue to create and teach in a country at war.

Veerle Van Overloop (Moving Futures) produces and presents under the name ShELFISH. She creates immersive, socially involved, interdisciplinary, documentary theatre. Based on the conviction that theater is the place to discover what you don't know yet or don't want to know, ShELFISH questions social rules and corresponding behaviors.

Her Virtual Residency ONE is the digital translation of a live performance. The physical and social isolation we were all in during Covid was the direct reason for ONE. In a dynamic crossover of dance theatre, videography and live music, ONE shows the kaleidoscopic story of O., a young woman in isolation.

In collaboration with video collective WERC, time-based designer Isabela Manea and and Odyssey/Momentum, a new fully digital version of 20 minutes is being developed based on the material of the original performance, focusing on the question: How can we visually bring together the outer world of the character?