La Noche Eterna (De eeuwige nacht)

Black Pencil & Samir Calixto

05.04.2023 Black Pencil & Samir Calixto - La Noche Eterna (De eeuwige nacht)

The game between light and dark in nature has always fascinated people. It is an example of our desire to understand the world around us and the laws to which it is subject. The mystery that surrounds the night and its expression in music and movement is one of the pillars of the performance LA NOCHE ETERNA (The Eternal Night).

It is this sound of the eternal night that has brought together choreographer Samir Calixto and the prestigious Ensemble Black Pencil, uniting their forces in the desire to create a performance based on existing compositions (which unite pieces from the baroque and contemporary repertoire) and a new choreography. Together, they will create an intricate fabric of images that makes our archetypal relationship to the dark side of nature tangible.

A physically intense and profound performance - characteristic of Calixto's oeuvre - enhanced by the musical richness and artistic uniqueness of the Ensemble, LA NOCHE ETERNA promises to be a dialogue with the unknown: not from a mere desire to bring light into the darkness, but as an exercise of acceptance of the night as part of our existence.

Wed 5 Apr 2023
AINSI theaterzaal
Price € 18.50
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Samir Calixto