Lezing: VR and the Moving Arts

Moving Media Lab | Joris Weijdom

Lezing: VR and the Moving Arts - Moving Media Lab | Joris Weijdom

The Moving Media LAB is an initiative of Cinedans in collaboration with the Nederlandse Dansdagen, Korzo and DansBrabant. In addition, the following organizations make substantive and practical contributions to the project: Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam, Utrecht University and Leiden, Fashion Clash, The Fabricant, BeamLab, VRDays and the Design Academy Eindhoven.

The Moving Media LAB investigates the meaning and value of dance and movement in the autonomous arts, in design practice and in science, and how these different domains can be more closely linked. In collaboration with various organizations and experts from the broad international cultural field, creative industry and science, the LAB focuses on the professional dance maker and designer who develops innovative concepts, explores innovative presentation options and advocates an active meaningful public experience.

In the context of Moving Media Lab, a lecture will be provided by Joris Weijdom, researcher and designer of mixed reality (MR) experiences, during this edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen.

Sat 30 Sept 2023
Other locations :
DSM zaal
14:30 - 15:30
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Free entry, registration required


Joris Weijdom is a researcher and designer of mixed reality (MR) experiences with a focus on interdisciplinary creative processes, technology, and performativity. He designs site-specific performative MR installations and is involved as a technical dramaturge in many other interdisciplinary projects. He currently leads the Mixed-Reality research group at the Performative Processes research group at the HKU and teaches various BA and MA courses at the HKU and the University of Twente. His research focuses, among other things, on the idea that embodiment forms the basis of cognition, and that the entire body should become involved in the virtual environment. He questions the penchant for “immersion” among VR makers and assumes the opposite: the body and consciousness are split in VR into two entities that are always aware of each other.