Mother's White

Danstheater AYA & Silbersee

 Danstheater AYA & Silbersee - Mother's White 12+

The dance and music theater production Mother's White is about the relationship between a white mother and a black child. The mother sees that her child encounters different limits than she is used to. You feel powerless when you are judged by your skin color. When and how do you act as a mother in this situation?

Mother's White is about confusion of skin colours, privileges and the will to accept each other. Ryan Djojokarso knows better than anyone how to approach harrowing situations with humor. Danstheater Aya and Silbersee unite makers and performers from classical and urban backgrounds, focusing on the human voice.

Fri 27 Jan 2023
AINSI theaterzaal
20:30 - 21:20
Price € 18.50
Children € 12.50
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Biography Ryan Djojokarso (Suriname, 1983)
After graduating from Codarts/Dansacademie Rotterdam, Ryan Djojokarso became a much sought-after dancer, who collaborated with various choreographers, including Itzik Galili, Liat Waysbort, Erik Kaiel, Keren Levi, Ugo Dehaes, Itamar Serussi and Tabea Martin. Since 2013, he has developed himself as a choreographer under the wings of Korzo, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Konzert Theater Bern and Conny Janssen Danst.

In recent years, Ryan has become a versatile maker. With his unique artistic signature, he creates accessible performances with humour that appeal to a broad and culturally diverse audience. Diverse in age, origin and color. His performances combine contemporary dance with other disciplines such as singing, live music, video, mime and acting.

Director and Choreography Ryan Djojokarso

musical director Romain Bischoff

DANCE Lenna Maarte Schouten, Sherise Strang

PERFORMER & VOCALS Maya Alban Zapata

Libretto Sjaan Flikweert

SOUND DESIGN Maurits Thiel

LIGHT DESIGN Ate Jan van Kampen

photography Bowie Verschuuren