Amira al Rawi

Amira al Rawi - Nadia

Almira al Rawi is a young dancer who creates vulnerable stories with an intimate character. She started in the hip hop scene and has developed her own style consisting of a friction of graceful symbolism and a raw flow. Influences come among others from styles like Voguing, Waacking, House and Breakdance.

In her first solo performance Amira reflected on her loss of her mother Nadia. Amira lost the feeling of home and safety on a young age. The performance shows the tension of the search and different emotions and fases of grief. The battle she fights but also someone who doesn’t want to fight anymore and just wants to be a child/kid. Hopeful, safe and trusted.

Sat 21 Oct 2023
AINSI theaterzaal
20:30 - 21:30
Price € 18.50
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Amira al Rawi - Nadia Amira al Rawi Nadia Amira al Rawi Nadia Amira al Rawi Nadia

Choreography and dance

Amira al Rawi


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