Ruben Chi & Bob Sizoo i.s.m. Innovation:Lab

Ruben Chi - Transcendance

Dancing with a machine, interacting with an algorithm, observing the communication between humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In Transcendance, choreographer and performer Ruben Chi mirrors his own movement and, in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Bob Sizoo, explores the uncharted worlds of the connection between humans and AI.

Can Artificial Intelligence inspire the dancer? Motivate? Emotionally engage? Can AI break free, develop, and can a new ultimate form of life emerge? In this ceremonial experience, in this dance of the future, the digital and reality touches upon completely new and undiscovered territory.

Part of the audience will experience the performance through VR glasses, the rest will experience it from the auditorium.

Information about the technique
In this VR experience, an algorithm is used that forms new movements based on the dancer's movement. Each experience is unique and allows the performer to reinvent himself time and time again.

Ruben Chi - Transcendance Ruben Chi - Transcendance


Ruben Chi and Bob Sizoo

Ruben Chi
MultidisciplinaRY ARTIST

Bob Sizoo
Creative Technologist/ AI development

Nikzad Arabshahi
VR development


Yanay Bonomo
Creative technologist/ Tens suit

Adriaan Wormgoor