Whispering a Prayer

Zino Schat | Korzo

Whispering a Prayer

Zino Schat | Korzo

As a former street performer, Zino Schat has seen that culture can really make an impact. Different people standing side by side, experiencing a moment, forgetting about time. The urgency of this connection is greater now than ever, in a polarizing world that drives people apart, with power structures destroying dreams.

For Whispering a Prayer, the Fractal choreographer and artistic director joins forces with visual artist Daijiro Hama to create a new world. A visually stunning world full of mysticism, absurdity, beauty and cruelty. A trio of dancers try to find their way in this new universe and engage in dialogue. They learn to listen and discover new ways to engage in conversation with each other. 

A visually stunning world full of mysticism, absurdity, beauty and cruelty

Whispering a Prayer came about after a trip to Japan: there, Zino was inspired by the Shinto faith and the symbolism of the Mitsudomoe sign, which is seen as a symbol of protection and balance. For this show, he collaborates with Daijiro Hama, a Japanese visual artist from Kyoto. His conceptual work always tells a story and he shares Zino's ambition to make the world a little better with each work.

The choice of Korzo and NDT
Since 2013, Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) have joined forces to give up-and-coming dance makers the best possible guidance and a suitable stage. Every year, they choose a choreographer they support to create a new production for touring. Zino Schat has been chosen for 2024. Antonin Rioche, Astrid Boons, Iván Pérez, Amos Ben-Tal, Samir Calixto and Marina Mascarell preceded him.

Fri 29 Nov 2024
AINSI theaterzaal
Price € 18.50
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ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Zino Schat (Fractal Collective)

CHOREOGRAPHY Zino Schat i.s.m de performers 

Performers Giulio Hoxhallari, Alice De Maio, Nagga Giona Baldina 

VISUAL ARTIST/PerfoRmer Daijiro Hama 

DramaturgY Mike van Alfen


COSTUMES Annemarije van Harten 

SOUND Simone Giacomini



A Co-productiON BY KORZO, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) EN Fractal Collective