Over the past 5 years, HAEVN has played sold-out club tours in the major pop stages of our country and enchanted many music-loving hearts with their cinematic pop music.

Now the men think it's time for a new adventure: HAEVN announces its first theater tour. A program in which songwriter Marijn van der Meer and film composer Jorrit Kleijnen bring their dreamy music back to the basics and play it in the most intimate way. Well-known pop songs will be cast in their own, now famous HAEVN arrangements. Expect long piano solos, personal stories, a lyrical cello and Marijn's comforting warm voice, closer than ever.

HAEVN is conquering the hearts of music lovers all over the world with their idiosyncratic 'dream pop'.

Fri 28 Apr 2023
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
20:00 - 21:50 / 1 pause
Premium seats € 40
Band A € 35
Theatre concert
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Rui Reis Maia