The Gaia Hypothesis

Firma Mes | Lindertje Mans

07.12.2023 Firma MES - The Gaia Hypothesis - Lindertje Mans (c) Joris-Jan Bos (2).jpg

What does a fish think about the future of humankind? The Gaia-hypothesis (1969) presents our Earth as a self regulating system, where all life is inseparable.  If we are all part of the same system maybe we could ask other parts how we can go on?

Lindertje Mans takes you with her in this thought experiment. She transforms into a deep sea fish, into a space probe and a human cell: three characters who take you along in their compelling synth-pop songs about their view on human life. A blistering electro-opera with intoxicating songs, mesmerizing costumes and surprising transformations. The music was voted 'Best composition for theatre in 2022' in Theaterkrant by NRC's Marijn Lems. 

Thu 7 Dec 2023
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
20:30 - 21:30
Price € 18.50
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Performed in English



‘Tantalising post-humanistic pop-opera (…) a sensual, musical trip (…) a scintillating experience that combines a concept album with an ASMR session.’ 


‘Actress and creator Lindertje Mans (1986) invented her own sub-genre in theatre: 'one-man electro-opera.’ 


Concept, Text, performance

Lindertje Mans


Lindertje Mans, Roald van Oosten


Joris-Jan Bos