La Bonbonnière

Officially the oldest theater in the Netherlands. The creation of La Bonbonnière dates back to the end of the 16th century, when the Jesuits settled in Maastricht. In 1773 this order was lifted by the pope and the Maastricht church was withdrawn from worship. In 1786 the building was given to the city. Maastricht then converted the church into a theater. De Bonbonnière served as a city theater until 1992, when Theater aan het Vrijthof opened its doors.


Achter de Comedie 1, 6211 GZ Maastricht


You can park best in the Q-park garages under the Vrijthof, at Mosae Forum or the O.L. Vrouwe parking. The hourly fees for these garages are:

Q-Park Vrijthof:  € 3,53    
Q-Park Mosae Forum:  € 2,73 
Q-Park O.L. Vrouwe parking:  € 2,73

You can find all up-to-date information about the accessibility and parking possibilities of Maastricht at

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La Bonbonnière is accessible from Station Maasricht with city busses. Almost all city busses from the station leave in the direction of the market or the Vrijthof. From the market it's a 7 minute walk to La Bonbonnière and from the Vrijthof it's a 5 minute walk. For up-to-date times, prices and routes of the public transport, we refer to


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