De Karolingische Orpheus


29.01.2024 Per-Sonat - Orpheus - hoofdbeeld ©Martin Tursic.jpg

Just as Orpheus' eloquence saved Eurydice from the shadowy realm, so too does polyphonic music possess unworldly power. The miracle of consonance is given a mythical dimension in the ninth-century treatise Musica Enchiriadis: the earliest witness to a polyphonic practice.

Per-Sonat's specialists present a programme that could have been from a Carolingian Orpheus, with organa (early polyphonic singing) from the Winchester Troparium and lamentations that pry comfort from between the notes.
Per-Sonat is specialized in music from the middle ages and early renaissance. The ensemble focuses both on scholarly interpretation and an exciting and vital presentation of medieval texts.

In association with Organisatie Oude Muziek.

Mon 29 Jan 2024
Sint Janskerk
20:30 - 21:40
Price € 29
Classical - Vocal
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musical lead, vocals Sabine Lutzenberger 
vocals Christine Mothes, Sarah Mariko Newman 
roman harp, lyra, vocals Hanna Marti 
carolingian cythara, citole, vocals Marc Lewon 

photography Martin Tursic 

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