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NDT 1 – Now Here Now Far

With From Here Now Far Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) presents a series of artistic heavy weights within the dance and theatre world.

Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) and Complicité present Figures in Extinction [2.0] But then you come to the humans, a new work by award winning theatre director Simon McBurney, in collaboration with NDT-associate choreographer Crystal Pite. This is the second work in a triptych of collaborations between these world-renowned artists that are presented between 2022 and 2025, and the first time McBurney will be creating a work for a dance company exclusively. Steering away from linear stories, McBurney overlaps narratives, past and present, fact and fiction, allowing them to communicate with each other. 'I'm naturally attracted to something I don't understand, because when you try to deal with that, it opens a door into another world', says McBurney. 

For this program we are delighted to bring back Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar to theatres. The choreographic duo have come to embody a unique style of movement that is deeply rooted in the expression of the body. Their work is characterized by pulsing and hypnotic rhythms that tap into worlds that seemingly co-exist far into the future and deep into the past. Together they have created works for multiple companies worldwide and founded their own company L-E-V in 2013.  

In a constant search for crossovers between dance, theatre, art and life, Gabriela Carrizo stages powerful, cinematic works in which performers are challenged to delve into characters, requiring a high vulnerability of expression. In La Ruta (2022), Carrizo’s second work for NDT, space and time are suspended, while the viewer is invited to interpret their own narrative within a world of images.

Wed 21 Feb 2024
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
20:00 - 22:30 / 2 pauses
Premium seats € 42.50
Band A € 37.50
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Simon McBurney in collaboration with Crystal Pite
World premier - Figures in Extinction [2.0] But then you come to the humans

Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

Gabriela Carrizo
La Ruta

NDT 1 - From here now far NDT 1 - From here now far NDT 1 - From here now far NDT 1 - From here now far


Simon McBurney & Chrystal Pite, Sharon Eyal en Gai Behar, Gabriela Carrizo


Rahi Rezvani