LAVA Collective

LAVA Collective - HOMME

Homme is LAVA Collective's third musical dance performance from the head and heart of choreographer Patricia van Deutekom.

Two distinctive male dancers and one live multi-instrumentalist tackle the literal and figurative themes of brotherhood and manhood through dance, image and music. Homme is about playful, young dogs and warring, dominant alpha males. About the jealousy, inequality and loneliness in the first Biblical story of brothers Cain and Abel. It is a search for codes of behaviour and manners. A search for the balance of equality in mind, body and character. Challenging, probing, steadily building towards a strong physical and emotional showdown.

A daringly balanced act, where sensitivity and unpolished physical honesty merge into a poetic dance concert.

Wed 17 Apr 2024
AINSI theaterzaal
Price € 17.50
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Concept Patricia van Deutekom

Choreography LAVA Collective led by Patricia van Deutekom 

phOTOGRAphy Hannemijn de Grood