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LAVA Collective - HOMME

With her characteristic language of dance and movement, full of anger and rawness, Patricia van Deutekom brings human emotions to expression. After her successful works Furia (2022) and La Despedida (2023), Van Deutekom presents a daring look at masculinity with her new work Homme.

Homme is a diptych (double-bill) of her two most recent works; étude des hommes and Unman. A duet and a quartet sharing the same theme, but each have a completely a different energy and dynamics. It brings the audience a surprising showcase and test of strength in dance.

Faith and human emotions play an important role in Van Deutekom's work. In Homme she investigates the vulnerability of brotherhood and manliness from different perspectives.

“With Homme I want to explore new findings and views on the power and playfulness of masculinity hidden through a sense of vulnerability and fragility.”

- Patricia van Deutekom

Wed 17 Apr 2024
AINSI theaterzaal
20:30 - 21:20
Price € 17.50
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LAVA Collective - Homme LAVA Collective - Homme LAVA Collective - Homme LAVA Collective - Homme


Patricia van Deutekom


LAVA Collective led by Patricia van Deutekom 


Hannemijn de Grood, Martijn Kappers