Kijk in mijn ogen

PRA Muziektheater

Kijk in mijn ogen

PRA Muziektheater

An important part of the mission of the Nederlandse Dansdagen is to get people engaged with social themes through dance. To advocate and strengthen this mission, Nederlandse Dansdagen has developed dansWEB together with a broad network of partners.

With dansWEB, elderly people with a disability as well as children and young people in special education get the chance to experience the power of dance themselves, as a means of communication and an instrument to express yourself. Through an introduction to dance or a deepening of the dance experience, diverse communities in Maastricht are being activated.

Kijk in mijn Ogen! connects generations through dance and music

One of the dansWEB projects is the collaboration with umbrella organizations Envida and Sevagram specialized in elderly care and PRA Muziektheater. The dynamic dance performance Kijk in mijn Ogen! (look into my eyes) inspires people to meet each other with an open mind. Primary school pupils and care center residents made this performance, together with professional dancers and musicians from PRA. While dancing, children and seniors get to know each other and are invited to challenge each other to come to a musical dialogue. Prior to the performance, the residents and pupils have had two workshops in preparation for the performance.

The power of the encounter between young and old through dance and music continues to amaze and inspire.

Fri 29 Sept 2023
Other locations :
Scharwyerveld - Sevagram
13:30 - 14:40

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Free entry, reservation required

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Monique Masselink

Andrea Beugger, Dries van der Post

Andrea Beugger en Renato Bertolino

Coos Lettink, Casper Terra


Erwin Penners