Piano Works Debussy (Theaterreis naar Hasselt)

Voetvolk | Lisbeth Gruwez & Claire Chevallier

20.01.2024 Voetvolk - Pianoworks ©Danny Willems (2).jpg

‘Music is the space between the notes’, (Claude Debussy). Piano Works Debussy is a duet between dancer Lisbeth Gruwez and pianist Claire Chevallier. Together, they seek the space between the notes in the compositions of Debussy, rebel and challenger among shape-shifting composers.

The movements are suggestions, not expressions, in line with Debussy's quest for 'la musique immatérielle'. Unlike showing an unbending reality, Gruwez and Chevalier allow an imagination to emerge behind the mesh of matter. This is the first time in her career that Lisbeth has chosen classical music. After training in classical ballet, she found freedom in contemporary dance, with a movement language that has since become a reference. In that respect, Piano Works Debussy is an extraordinary dialogue between a classical and a contemporary framework, which pretty much exposes Gruwez's choreographic development. 

Sat 20 Jan 2024
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20.01.2024 Voetvolk - Pianoworks ©Danny Willems (3).jpg 20.01.2024 Voetvolk - Pianoworks ©Danny Willems (1).jpg

Choreography Lisbeth Gruwez
music Claude Debussy
dance Lisbeth Gruwez
Claire Chevallier

photography Danny Willems