Ronde Tafel Dansmedische Zorg in Nederland

Ronde Tafel Dansmedische Zorg in Nederland

For anyone who loves to dance, there is the Dance Medical Care Network. An initiative by the Sports Medical Center at Jeroen Bosch Hospital and Joost van Megen, former health coordinator of dance academy ArtEZ. The new network brings healthcare providers and dancers together. 

Dance Medical Care Network consists of health care providers from all over the Netherlands. Think orthopedic surgeons, sports doctors and physical therapists, but also performance psychologists and podiatrists.

Dance Medical Care Network is committed to the health of all dancers

Among other things, this Round Table discussion will explore the impact of injuries in the dance world, the help and guidance that can be offered, and the needs that exist in the field.

Sat 30 Sept 2023
Other locations :
Edmond Hustinxzaal
13:00 - 14:30
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Free entry, registration required