Ronde Tafel Sociale Veiligheid

Ronde Tafel Sociale Veiligheid

The Netherlands Association for the Performing Arts (NAPK) organizes a ‘NAPK Uitgelicht’ on social safety in the dance sector in collaboration with the Nederlandse Dansdagen. 

Transgressive behavior is a recurring social theme. Reports of sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and other undesirable forms of behavior are also being made in the dance sector. Not because they suddenly occur more often, but because they are given more attention. More and more people no longer tolerate transgressive behavior, resulting in a more vocal discussion about the topic.

The NAPK will discuss tackling and, even better, preventing sexually transgressive behaviour, sexism and abuse of power in the dance world.

The program is provided by Foundation Social Safety Performing Arts. The topic will be introduced by Drs. Alie Kuiper, who is an expert in dealing with undesirable behavior at work. After the introduction there will be an open discussion where the following question will be collectively addressed: How do you create a safe (work) atmosphere in your organization?

Sun 1 Oct 2023
Other locations :
Edmond Hustinxzaal
11:00 - 12:30
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Free entry, registration required



Lene Grooten

Tanja Hoetjer (Confidant at Nederlands Dans Theater)
Judith Boessen (Teacher and author of various publications about social safety in arts education)
Gerda van de Kamp (Business Director at Panama Pictures)