Six Portraits

Simon Bus


Exploring and stretching the possibilities of his own nimble body, Simon is increasingly applying it to the bodies of fellow makers. During the Dutch Dance Days, Simon brings together five makers from his social media network.

An international group of kindred spirits with whom he shares the focus on a multidisciplinary working method. Until now, they had mostly been in digital contact. Under the title SIX PORTRAITS, they will take over spaces in the Bonnefantenmuseum for two days and set up their own workshop there. On the spot and under the eye of the public, they will work together and create new, unusual, and unexpected work - at the interface of movement, image and sound. 

New work by the winner of the Innovatieprijs Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht 2022

About Simon Bus
For Simon Bus (b. 1989), dance is synonymous with singularity. As a B-boy, he already developed his very own movement language. From there it was only a small step to autonomous artistry. With his investigative gaze and hyperflexible body, he stretches ideas about breakdance. The discomfort of everyday existence is an important source of inspiration for Simon. The play between having control and yet losing it again remains a recurring theme. Simon's work is sharp, brutal without losing a sense of humor.



Renate Beense, Alesya Dobysh