DansClick #26


DansClick #26


DansClick is a national tour of the most exciting names in the dance world. For almost 20 years, it has acted as a platform for young creators to tour together, including the winner of the BNG Bank Dance Prize.

A double bill about spirituality, memories and the past

The winner of the BNG Bank Dance Award 2023 is Sheree Lenting, she presents I am my ancestors wildest dreams. The BNG dance jury says the following about Sheree Lenting: 'The jury sees in Sheree Lenting a curious, critical maker who carefully searches for a beautiful, poetic and rich (dance) language for sharing big and small stories. And even though these can seem difficult and complicated, she knows how to make them accessible. The jury believes that much more potential awaits this maker.

In addition, during DansClick 26, Korzo also presents its own maker Tú Hoàng with False Memories, a collaboration with Hiro Murata. The performances will be framed by video portraits of the makers and the Après Danse; an informal meeting between audience, makers and dancers on stage.

About I am my ancestors wildest dreams by Sheree Lenting
In I am my ancestors wildest dreams, you witness the wildest dreams of Sheree's ancestors (tribal mothers). Sheree presents their untold stories from past, present and future. She questions, explores and nurtures her lineage of women. The dancers (Cicely Wijnaldum and Ciara Hiwat) embody these stories. With the power, wisdom and love of their female ancestors as their legacy, they look to their future with confidence.

About False Memories by Tú Hoàng & Hiro Murata 
False Memories is a duet created by young choreographers Tú Hoàng and Hiro Murata. It is the result of a four-year collaboration between the two choreographers at Conny Janssen Danst. False Memories explores the complexity of the human psyche through the perspective of two individuals connected by a deep bond. In an abstract way, the feeling of being one in their own spiritual world is depicted, whether they are physically together or not: the feeling remains the same. Memory is a fragile concept. Sometimes we remember things as we wish they would be. Our imagination helps us escape from reality to find comfort and peace. 

Fri 25 Oct 2024
AINSI theaterzaal
Price € 18.50
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25.10.2024 - Korzo - DansClick #26 - False Memories - (c) Jesus Robisco (3).jpg KorzoTheater_ IAMAWD - Bart Grietens_6.jpg 25.10.2024 - Korzo - DansClick #26 - False Memories - (c) Jesus Robisco (1).jpg KorzoTheater_ IAMAWD - Bart Grietens_8.jpg

I am my ancestors wildest dreams
Sheree Lenting

Performers Cicely Wijnaldum, Ciara Hiwat

Photography Bart Grietens


False Memories
Choreography and dance 
Tú Hoàng, Hiro Murata 

Light Grace Morales Susa

Music David Granstrom en Flxk1 & DB1

With thanks to Marjolein Peters, Conny Janssen Danst, James Sutherland

Photography Jesus Robisco, Andrea Macchia