Spatial studies

Astrid Boons

Spatial studies

Astrid Boons

Spatial Studies consists of various, separate studies that form a starting point for a new work by Astrid Boons that will premiere in 2023.
These studies start from the question: How do we as humans deal with a world that is in constant technological transformation? In a world that is increasingly connected through digital media? How should we adapt to a constantly changing environment that seems to be moving further and further away from us? Boons reflects from the body and investigates what traces this technological environment leaves behind in our body and thus influences our inner being and identity. Do we soon belong in this world or do we have to adapt irreversibly in order to be at home?

‘Eventually we will have to choose between the body or the brain’

Dr. Henk Hoekstra

Together with composer Miguelángel Clerc Parada, Boons investigates how these studies relate to the Cupola of the Bonnefanten. This is also the first moment that Boons shares her research with an audience and discovers how they can become an active part of the creation process.

Sat 1 Oct 2022
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14:00 - 14:20
Price € 13
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The entry ticket to Spatial Studies also gives access to the rest of the Bonnefanten Museum, including the exhibition by Melati Suryodarmo (1969, Surakarta, Indonesia), eleventh winner of the Bonnefanten Award for Contemporary Art (BACA). The exhibition I am a Ghost in My Own House is Suryodarmo's first major solo exhibition in Europe and the Netherlands. Suryodarmo is a versatile artist, but she distinguishes herself above all with her penetrating performances. In her work she interprets sharp political and social insights in a poetic, physical imagery.

Astrid Boons - Spatial Studies Astrid Boons - Spatial Studies Astrid Boons - Spatial Studies Astrid Boons - Spatial Studies

Choreography, concept and dance
Astrid Boons
Miguelángel Clerc Parada


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