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To celebrate the spring season, as well as life, Introdans presents Spring, a programme focused on the work of Mauro Bigonzetti.

The Italian master choreographer's creations are characterised by exceptional diversity, but in Spring the exuberant and lively side of his oeuvre is highlighted. Besides two of the greatest audience favourites from Introdans' repertoire - Cantata and (three movements from) Rossini Cards - Bigonzetti also creates a new, vibrant choreography for Spring, especially for Introdans. 

New creation and Rossini Cards
Spring kicks off with a festive opening movement, which, besides an entirely new creation by Bigonzetti - an extremely physical work for a large ensemble of dancers - consists of three movements from his acclaimed Rossini Cards. Bigonzetti drew inspiration for this ballet from the work of his compatriot Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868), who, besides being a famous Baroque composer, was also a gourmet and excellent cook. 

After the pause, Spring continues with Bigonzetti's rousing masterpiece Cantata. In this earthly and passionate 'power piece', the choreographer beautifully brings to life the various characters of an Italian village, inspired to do so by the infectious, raucous singing of the southern Italian women's folk group Assurd. Men and women compete in powerful ensemble dances and meet in beautiful duets, which are dramatic or wistful and then light and humorous again.




Sat 1 Jun 2024
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
20:00 / 1 pause
Introductionary talk 19:00
Premium seats € 37.50
Band A € 32.50
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Mauro Bigonzetti
Live music
Assurd (Italian womens folk group)


Hans Withoos