Festival - Musica Sacra Maastricht


7 t/m 10 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Maastricht starts a new tradition with the first ever edition of the interdisciplinary festival MAAS! With a complete program full of culture, sports, social initiatives and special moments, Maastricht's city centre and suburbs become one. 

MAAS! is us and you. People, organisations, events and a shared energy that flows throughout the streets of Maastricht. From 8 - 11 September the city will overflow with arts & culture, theatre, sports, knowloedge and music. A feeling that can be felt all thoughout the city. 

Theater aan het Vrijthof during MAAS!
Theater aan het Vrijthof is part of MAAS! in Maastricht. To give the new cultural season a festive start, Theater aan het Vrijthof offers performances such as Dichtbij by Iris Hond & Aristos Quartet, Gesprekken op de Zondag by Guido Wevers en ATALANTA by Solar Vlaar and Loek de Jongh ofToneelacademie Maastricht. The complete program of Theater aan het Vrijthof during Festival MAAS! will be announced shortly. 

MAAS! is an initiative of Cultura Mosae


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