Culinary Maastricht

Eat where locals meet

Personal restaurant tips by employees of Theater aan het Vrijthof.

Do you enjoy culinary delights before your theater visit, or a nice glass of wine or a cold beer afterwards? As the culinary capital of our country, Maastricht has a wide range of attractive terraces, fantastic restaurants and renowned (dining) cafés. On this page we have highlighted a number of personal favorites. Bon apetit!



Platielstraat 7

Daan Grol –  Ticket desk:
"The hospitable service is always nice at the restaurant. They have a small, fresh menu and it's always nice to lunch and dine. Their day menu has sharp prices and always gets a fun further explanation at the table. It's justly a successful restaunt with a very friendly chef, Mark Pastoor."



Wycker Brugstraat 2

Peter Snellens – Business office
"The food and drinks (wines) are good with a suprising menu. The service is pleasent and hands out good advice about drinks and spices. You can really discover at Harry's. Goes beyond just good hospitality. The location and appearance is also pleasent (near the station, easily accessible by bus or taxi). Nice premises, both exterior and interior."



Rechtstraat 22

Nandi Nijsten –  Facilitairy services: 
"Toscanella Apuana is an italian restaurant located in Wyck where you really feel like you're in Italy. No fancy, hip interior, but all about the real, authentic Italian cuisine. The service speaks Italian to eachother which makes you forget for a second that you're in Maastricht. From anti pasti to pasta and pizza, everything is home made. Make sure you step by during lunch for a delicious focaccia. A small piece of Italy in Maastricht!"



Sint Pieterstraat 13 

Ed Van Hees – Marketing & PR:
"Always good, always fresh, always a menu fitting the season! No artistic wrinkling but classic, simple dishes of high quality with nice fitting wines and staff that knows what they're doing. I heard cheffs go out for dinner at 'Sjiek' at their day off. Personally, I go mainly because of the casual vibe and the excellent menu. Recommended are: the Steak Tartare Preparé, the 'Zoervleis' made from real horse meat (with thick fries) or the Plat du jour (always grafted to the season)."



Cörversplein 5 

Judith Bruijnzeels – Theater Technical Service:
"Cinq has a great menu and because of the nice interior, beautiful terrace and great location, next to the Meuse, in the cosy Wyck, you sit there perfectly at every moment of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bites, cocktails)."



bab Tomas.jpg


Tongersestraat 23

Raf Meijers – Production office:
"Enter Bab Tomas and smell the Levant. The Levant? Yes, the land of tomorrow, directly to the east of the Mediterranean sea, that spreads itself from Syria to Northern Egypt, the country where the crib of our civilization stood. Enter and be seduced by the 'levantine cuisine', one of the healthiest, fresh, delicious and oldest cuisines on earth. Enjoy the hospitality of Mahran, the Syrian host and his staff and a surprising eating concept: everything that's served, you share with your table mates. Needless to say, the vast palette of flavors caresses your tongue and that Lebanese wine can compete with wines from the more famous wine countries.
Not needless to say, Mahran arrived  4 years ago in Maastricht as Syrian refugee and with help by Refugee center Gemeente Maastricht and a few friends of Maastricht he put down this pearl. Refugee shelter is a matter of civilisation and that's something you can't emphasize enough."