Visitor protocol

We look forward to welcoming you back to our theatre. The safety and health of our patrons, staff and artists is paramount. Theater aan het Vrijthof therefore goes to great lengths to ensure that the 1.5 metre distancing and hygiene regulations are consistently implemented. Please find below all house rules and applicable RIVM guidelines.

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Theater halls and seats

At the moment you will not be able to select your own seat as you are used to when ordering your tickets. For tickets in the Papyruszaal a section and a row may be selected, and in the Bovenzaal and AINSI a row. Our staff will escort you to your seat(s) to ensure the required 1.5 metres between your household and other patrons is maintained. You can find more information about all the performance locations and 1.5m seating plans here.

Purchasing tickets

Multiple tickets for a single performance may only be ordered if your group is from the same household. You will then be seated next to each other. If the group is not from the same household, tickets must be ordered separately., and therefore seated separately.

Evening box office

Due to the necessary walking routes in the theatre(s) and to avoid queues at the box office, we ask everyone to book their tickets online. Also on the evening itself.


You are welcome from 45 minutes before the start of the performance. When you arrive, we will ask you if you have any symptoms that may be related to the corona virus. We provide several areas where our patrons can disinfect their hands.

Theater aan het Vrijthof’s three entrances

For performances in our main hall, the Papyruszaal, the maximum capacity we can accommodate at a distance of 1.5 metres is approximately 240 patrons. These patrons are spread over six sections. To make it easier to maintain distance, the theatre has three separate entrances at our main entrance on the Vrijthof: Entrance 1, 2 or 3. The entrance that belongs to your chosen seat section is indicated on your ticket.

Fixed walking routes in the theatre

To make it easier to maintain social distancing, we have indicated walking routes using signage on walls and floors. These routes are usually one way, so not always the shortest route, but the safest. 

Papyrus hall divided into six sections with own walking routes, entrance and host/hostess

To make it easier to maintain social distancing, the Papyruszaal is divided into six sections, each with its own entrance, walking route, foyer and host/hostess. You will find all the information on your ticket. Prior to the performance a free drink will be waiting for you in the foyer. The host/hostess will guide you to the theatre and assign seats in the chosen section.

No intermission

In order to maintain the required 1.5 metre distance, there will be no intermission during performances. In theatres across the Netherlands all performances last between an hour and an hour and a half. 

Free drink

To avoid queues at the bar and to make your theatre visit more complete, Theater aan het Vrijthof offers you, in this special season, a free drink before the performance. The drinks will be served in the foyer.

Card payments only

We ask everyone to pay by card in our theatre.

Cloakroom is temporarily closed

The cloakroom is closed, so coats may be taken into the theatre. Please place your coat on an empty chair next to you. With the limited numbers of patrons present, bringing your coat into the theatre is not fire risk at this time.

Leaving the auditorium during the performance

Only leave the auditorium during the performance if it is absolutely necessary. Please note: it is not possible to return to your previously allocated seat during the performance. If possible, we will assign you a seat at the side of the hall.

Applause and leaving the hall

As much as our artists enjoy a standing ovation, we ask that you applaud while seated. When leaving the auditorium, we ask for your patience, to take the same route (from the entrance) to the exit and to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from other patrons. We ask you to keep moving in the foyers and not to loiter. This way you do not have to pass anyone, we ensure a good flow and everyone can maintain 1.5 metres distance.

Parking and exit tickets

The theatre will not be selling exit tickets for the Q-park garages at this time. Check the parking and payment options here.

Cancellation in case of illness (free of charge)

Due to the exceptional circumstances, it is possible to cancel purchased tickets free of charge up to four hours before the performance. As much as we would like to welcome you, we request that you do not come to the theatre if you are ill. Not even for mild complaints such as a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat or light cough. 

Service email

Two days before the performance, you will receive a service e-mail containing the most up-to-date information. If there are any changes, we will inform you via the e-mail address we have on record.

Use of toilet and lift

In order to maintain 1.5 metres distance, we ask that you take into account the maximum number of users indicated at each lift and toilet facility. We ask for your understanding.

Extra hygiene measures

Theatre aan het Vrijthof ensures the necessary hygiene regulations are implemented to protect patrons, artists and staff. We provide extra disinfection stations, contact moments with the public are limited (e.g. by providing a free drink before the performance, no cloakroom, etc.) and we ensure regular intensive cleaning of contact surfaces, toilets, doorknobs, banisters and lift buttons. We ask you to wash your hands before your visit to the theatre and to use hand sanitizer or soap and water when necessary during your visit.

Air cleaning / ventilation system

During the renovations in 2019, Theater aan het Vrijthof completely modernised its ventilation system. The system supplies clean filtered fresh air via connected air handling units with high-efficiency air filters. The ventilation systems ensure that 'used air' is immediately extracted, so there is no recirculation of air.

In addition, the Papyruszaal ceiling is approximately 18 metres high, which helps prevent the spread of aerosols. Our mechanical ventilation system filters are changed every year, so we can continuously provide fresh air within the theatre. Together with our suppliers, we ensure that the air quality in Theater aan het Vrijthof complies with industry standards.

Our foyers are closed after the show

We ask you to leave the theatre promptly after the performance. Please also maintain 1.5 metres distance  when exiting the theatre. 

Theater aan het Vrijthof follows RIVM's COVID-19 guidelines and VSCD's Heropening Theaters en Concertzalen protocol.