Introdans - Aqua

Undulating, rippling, still.
Turbulent, or then again contemplative.
Water symbolises everything that flows - including our feelings, imagination and emotions.

Ride the wave of Aqua, the vibrant new programme from Introdans. Featuring Introdans premieres by the queen of minimalism Lucinda Childs (Océana), hypnotic master of dance Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Harbor Me) and a newcomer to the world of Introdans, Manuel Vignoulle (EARTH). The programme is rounded off by the audience favourite Azul, by Introdans’ own Jorge Pérez Martínez.

Océana | Lucinda Childs
In Océana it seems as if the dancers are dancing under the surface of the sea, thanks in part to the huge backdrop video projection of surging water. While an Argentinian choir whispers softly in our ears, the dancers trip across the stage in the characteristically calming and repetitive dance style favoured by choreographer Lucinda Childs. This ‘queen of minimalism’ has made a version of this piece specially for Introdans, with an even larger number of dancers. ‘It undulates and ripples, it dances and it’s Lucinda. It’s so meditative, I can watch it for hours.’ (Roel Voorintholt, artistic director of Introdans).

Harbor Me | Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Anchor me, protect me. In Harbor Me, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui sends his three dancers on a quest for a safe haven. Can they offer each other the support they need so much? And if so, can they actually accept this support, too? The stage set is reminiscent of a harbour at low tide, with the three dancers dancing in the mud that’s left exposed. A work that’s full of sadness and missed chances to connect and merge. It’s a new jewel in the Introdans treasury of dance.

EARTH | Manuel Vignoulle
No earth without water, and no water without earth. From the very start the three dancers in EARTH by Manuel Vignoulle are almost continually linked together. It’s a reference to the connection we all share with each other. Vignoulle sees this work as a homage to the Earth, and it’s complemented wonderfully by the almost meditative music. The patterns on the tight-fitting costumes are reminiscent of tribal body art.

Azul | Jorge Pérez Martínez
Azul, created by the choreographer and former Introdans dancer Jorge Pérez Martínez, is a fresh and feisty work that enchants with its own language of the body and superb, striking partner work, danced to three classical Spanish guitar compositions. Pérez Martínez takes his inspiration from the atmosphere of the music and the Mediterranean Spanish vibe. Specially for Aqua, Pérez Martínez is now adding an additional section to the existing ballet. Azul is upbeat and lively, but it always has an element of melancholy, too.

Tue 11 Oct 2022
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
20:00 - 21:45 / 1 pause
Premium seats € 37.50
Band A € 32.50
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Introdans - Aqua Introdans - Aqua Introdans - Aqua Introdans - Aqua


Lucinda Childs, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Manuel Vignoulle, Jorge Pérez Martínez


Pieter Henket, Hans Gerritsen