Ghost Box 12+

Duda Paiva Company

Duda Paiva Company - Ghost Box

Suppose you were allowed to change everything about yourself, to be perfect, or even immortal. Would you do it? Even if you had to give up everything that makes you human? Ghost Box is a modular walkthrough performance: you move through a post-apocalyptic world where being human is called into question. Humans are no longer born naturally but designed by a futuristic system that creates the perfect neo-human: eternally young, infinitely modified and with artificially generated feelings, such as happiness, failure and freedom. Ghost Box is a mix of foam sculptures, hip-hop and technology. Duda Paiva Company's unique vocabulary creates visual poetry. 

Fri 3 May 2024
AINSI theaterzaal
20:00 - 21:00
Price € 18.50
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Concept and director

Duda Paiva


Duda Paiva en Andre Mello
music and video

Wilco Alkema

Layza Vasconcelos