Joop Oonk / Misiconi

Joop Oonk / Misiconi - Tides

TIDES is an installation performance by Misiconi, inspired by the beauty of nature in which dancers with and without disabilities take you to another world. 

Allow your senses to be stimulated and surrender to the dancers, who accompany you on a journey through your own inner world. Everything flows and is in constant motion, but if you take a moment for stillness and wonder, a new world opens to you. Take a seat in the installation and immerse yourself in this theatrical experience or watch from the stands and let yourself be carried away by the atmospheric sounds played live by musician Soheil Shayesteh.

‘Surrender and let yourself be carried away by TIDES

Misiconi presents the dance performance TIDES in collaboration with and directed by Joop Oonk. This installation performance is about how we, as humans, can be overwhelmed by beauty that is greater than ourselves. How are we as humans in contact with our inner self and the nature around us and what emotions can that connection with nature arouse in us?

Sat 1 Oct 2022
AINSI theaterzaal
11:00 - 12:00
Price € 14
Children € 9
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BNG fonds
Fonds podiumKunsten
Prins Bernhard cultuurfonds
Gemeente Maastricht
Nederlandse Dansdagen 



Choreography/artistic director Joop Oonk
Dramaturgy​​​​​​​ Floor Cremers
Scenography​​​​​​​ Floris Barnhoorn
Costume design​​​​​​​ Paul Boereboom
Sound and sound design​​​​​​​ Soheil Shayesteh 
Enya Straver, Sunai Elbers, Anastasia Jansen, Manouk Schrauwen, Susanne van der Staak, Jordy Ruhl