Strangely Familiar

Jakop Ahlbom Company

27.02.2024 Jakop Ahlbom Company - Strangely Familiar (4) ©Leon Hendrickx en Studio MINSK.jpg

The common thread in Ahlbom's performances is the power of imagination. He creates a magical universe on stage, seamlessly blending mime, slapstick, dance, music, illusionism and special effects. A visual spectacle for the eyes. The last couple of year the company has been impressing people with performances like Lebensraum, Horror, SYZYGY and Unseen

Strangely Familiar is about a man who thinks he knows himself, a surreal and humorous performance about social pressure and self-esteem. An awkward man's life is turned upside down when his doppelganger appears. This doppelganger is everything that the man isn’t and robs him of the attention he desires. While no one sees the resemblance, the man tries to escape from this miserable situation.

Tue 27 Feb 2024
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
20:00 - 21:20
Premium seats € 31
Band A € 26
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Leon Hendrickx and Studio MINSK