TEFAF & the City

12 UNTIL 20 MARCH 2022

Maastricht welcomes the world.

Masks and costumes just disappeared. Serpentines blown in bare trees, confetti stuck between stones. And there is already TEFAF!

The TEFAF Maastricht art fair, which takes place annually at the MECC in March, is seen as the world's most important art fair. The best quality art from all ages is offered by a community of the world's best art dealers and experts to inspire the enthusiast and buyers of art. This is how Maastricht shows its richest sides. A city that, with great dedication, connects the classical people with the modern foremost. And a city where local is easily lost in global.

TEFAF & the City is the programming of Theater aan het Vrijthof around the event TEFEAF Maastricht.