Maastricht has over 7,000 parking spaces. You can choose the parking space that best suits your visit. The closer to the center, the higher the rate.

Parking at Q-park

Below you will find all hourly rates at the nearest Q-Park locations.

Mind the following: The theatre does not offer exit cards.
Because exit cards are no longer offered with a disocunt by Q-Park, we no longer offer these either. It is possible to reserve a parking spot online with a discount. 

Q-Park  Frontenpark  
Frontensingel, 6219 PE Maastricht
10 minutes walk    
€ 3,- per hour (max. 12 euros per day)

Q-Park Mosae Forum    
Maasboulevard 40, 6211 JW Maastricht
7 minutes walk
€ 4,50 per hour 

Q-Park O. L. Vrouweparking 
Maasboulevard 80, 6211 HS Maastricht
7 minutes walk
€ 4,50 per hour

Q-Park Vrijthof        
Vrijthof 100, 6211 LE Maastricht
€ 6,- per hour

Reserve your parking spot online for Q-Park Vrijthof or Q-Park SG Entre Deux 
Do you want to be ensured of a parking spot in Q-Park Vrijthof or Q-Park SG Entre Deux (Helmstraat, 2 minutes walking distance)? Reserve your place with a discount via Q-park with the link below.  

Q-Park SG Entre Deux 
3 hours:   € 7,50
5 hours:   € 12

Q-Park Vrijthof
4 hours:   € 14 
7 hours:   € 19,50

Please note: If you exceed the reserved parking time, the barrier will still open automatically upon exit. The extra time parked (at the current parking rate) will be automatically debited from your account.


Parking at Bollenpark Garage Maestricht

We would like to draw your attention to the guarded parking facility near the theatre: Bollenpark Garage Maestricht, at Calvariestraat 22. Parking is possible between 18.00h and 00.00h for € 10,- (cash or pin). Reservations are mandatory and can be made via [email protected] or by calling +31 (0) 43 325 41 01.

Bollenpark Garage Maestricht       
Calvariestraat 22, 6211 NJ Maastricht
7 minutes walk
€ 15,- per day


By car, it is smart and advantageous to travel via one of the  P+R-locations at the edge of Maastricht.

For traffic from Eindhoven (A2) and Heerlen (A79), you can pay for free at the Maastricht Noord trainstation. From the station, you can take bus 10 to the centre and Randwyck. A retour ticket costs € 2,40.

For traffic from Liège (A2) and Cadier en Keer/Margraten, you can park for free at parking garage P5 at MECC Maastricht, in combination with a daily retour ticket. From the parking garage, you can take bus 10 to the Vrijthof and Market Square. A retour ticket costs € 2,40.

Up-to-date Traffic Information Maastricht 

All up-to-date information regarding the accesibility and parking possibilities in and around Maastricht, you will find here:

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