Maastricht has over 7,000 parking spaces. You can choose the parking space that best suits your visit. The closer to the center, the higher the rate.

Parking is best done in Q-park garages under the Vrijthof or at Mosae Forum, or at the Q-park parking lot at the Cabergerweg. For the Q-park garages Vrijthof and Mosae Forum you can buy an exit ticket at the service counter at a reduced rate of almost 20-30% discount.

Price exit tickets:

  • Mosae Forum 4 hours: € 9,25
  • Mosae Forum 7 hours: € 13,75
  • Vrijthof 4 hours: € 12,50
  • Vrijthof 7 hours: € 19

If you do not purchase an exit ticket at Theater aan het Vrijthof, the regular rate applies at the Q-park payment terminal:

  • Vrijthof:
    Per 16 minutes or a part thereof € 1
  • Mosae Forum (8 minutes walk):
    Per 22minutes or a part thereof € 1
  • OLVrouwenparking (8 minutes walk):
    Per 22 minutes or a part thereof € 1
  • Cabergerweg (10 minutes walk):
    Per 42 minutes or a part thereof € 1
  • De Griend (15 minutes walk):
    Per 27minutes or a part thereof € 1
  • Sphinxterrein (10 minutes walk):
    Per 27 minutes or a part thereof € 1


If you visit us by car, then you can save money by travelling via P+R Maastricht Noord or P+R Maastricht Zuid. Arriva's bus number 10 to the city centre and back departs every fifteen minutes for only €2 per person. It’s convenient, fast, and cheap! 

Current traffic information Maastricht 

All current information about the accessibility and parking options of Maastricht can be found on

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