Leaving Trumpland 2.0

Greg Shapiro

30.10.2024 - Greg Shapiro - Leaving Trumpland 2.0 - (c) Adrie Mouthaan (4).png

Donald Trump is back! As is Greg Shapiro, the voice of the 'Netherlands Second' video from Zondag met Lubach. With Leaving Trumpland 2.0, the American-Dutch comedian presents a survival guide for the U.S. presidential elections of 2024.

If Trump loses, we will hopefully leave Trumpland behind forever. But what if he wins? Will Shapiro ever be able to return to his homeland? Again and again, Shapiro is asked: “But don't you want Trump to be president again?” His answer to that is the same as Mark Rutte once said in the White House, “Haha! No!” You might know Greg Shapiro from his work with Comedy Central and Boom Chicago, among others. With a mix of stand-up and comedy, including a Trump-inspired improvisation, the comedian brings his most personal performance ever.

Wed 30 Oct 2024
AINSI theaterzaal
Price € 22.50
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Adrie Mouthaan