Triple bill: Pode Ser, Comme un Symbole, C'est toi qu'on adore

Alexandre Fandard & Leïla Ka

Alexandre Fandard & Leïla Ka

Alexandre Fandard and Leïla Ka bring the unique triple bill: Comme un Symbole, Pode Ser en C’est toi qu’on adore to Maastricht. Alternately poetic or politically charged, the choreographers focus on questions surrounding identity.

What does the young resident of the banlieu symbolise, the banlieusard? Adored and eroticised in sporting terms perhaps, yet more often reviled as an eternal stranger, barbarian, scum and potential terrorist. In his solo, Comme un Symbole, selected for Aerowaves, Fandard rehabilitates the young suburban into a symbol. Pode Ser ('maybe' in Portuguese), an international award-winning solo by Leïla Ka, illustrates the difficulty of being purely yourself in the disorder of the world. A theme that two heroines explore further in C'est toi qu'on Adore.

Wed 1 Nov 2023
AINSI theaterzaal
Price € 20

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Alexandre Fandard, Leïla Ka

Alexandre Fandard, Anna Tierney, Jennifer Dubreuil, Jane Fournier